with the electronic tube "ECC86" and the "Lehle LTDI-L DI XLR transformer"

there will be 2 options available:
a) the "Gnome" as active / passive DI Box= 385 Eur.
(passive means: you can use the DI Box also currentless)
b) the "Gnome" only as active DI Box = 365 Eur.

"bonedo" Testbericht vom 16.10.2017

Gnome Tube DI

Gnome Tube DI

Gnome Tube DI

Gnome Tube DI

Here a little Video presentation done by "Ralf Gauck"

"Originally this fine tube DI-box was recommended for bass guitars,
but it scores equally well in tests with all instruments in use,
from the electro-acoustic to electric guitars and even several keyboards."

WR GNOME TUBE “DI” active/passive tube DI

The WR Gnome Tube “DI” was created as a way of adding the warm harmonics associated with the use of tubes to your sound. Equally effective across the frequency range (20 Hz – 18 KHz), from low-level to loud, the quality of sound is consistently high, allowing the same amazing sound on stage as achieved in the studio.

There are two versions of the Gnome box available with "DI" function, the "active DI box" and the "active/passive DI box". The "active DI box", must be used with external power. I.e. without the power supply it will not operate at all. However, the „active / passive DI box" can be used in two modes: with power with the normal, "active" function; without power, when it operates in a passive sense. In the "passive" mode, the Gnome does not give the tube sound, but it does operate as a passive DI box!

This unique and innovative design is based on a specialised and limited availability ECC86 NOS tube, optimized to operate on 24 Volt DC, to create wonderful tone in a limited-edition, hand-built unit.

- The Outputs:
The “Gnome” is equipped with 2 Outputs (XLR and 6mm Jack).

* The “DI” XLR Output is designed for mixing tables or computers and is equipped with a “Lehle” LTDI-L transformer as galvanic isolation. The “DI” Output also works even without connecting to the power supply, in this as a passive “DI” with less Output Volume.

* The Jack Output directly connects your instrument to your Amplifier but with the option to use the tube.

- The Switches:

* The Presence switch “Pr.”, has 3 positions: 1-0-2. This filter controls the higher frequencies (Presence): 0 = (Middle position) no increase; 1 = slight increase in Presence; 2 = larger increase in Presence. This filter gives the DI box an additional way to control the frequency response.

* The Output switch “D-T”. The Jack Output Switch has 2 positions: position “D” (Direct) or “T” (Tube) allowing the choice between Direct output or Tube output.

* The "GND/LIFT switch": Use this switch to eliminate “hum”. If the ground switch is set to "Lift", the built-in “Lehle” transformer ensures galvanic isolation between the shielding of the WR Tube DI and the earth conductor of the XLR cable attached. If this setting generates hum, activating the ground switch may solve this. When the ground button is set to "GND", the shielding of the DI and the earth conductor of the XLR cable are connected.

- The Potentiometers:

* The Volume Potentiometer controls the Output Volume of the XLR Output as well as the Jack Output (switch position “T”)

* The Sensitive Potentiometer is a sensitive potentiometer that allows continuous control of the input. This is especially useful if you own several basses with quite different output, e.g. “P” Passive and “A” Active.

- The “Lehle LTDI-L Transformer”

* The “Lehle LTDI-L" XLR transformer as galvanic isolation is one of the best transformer worlwide. Quality first!

- The Hardware

* Robust Die cast Aluminium Enclosure.
* Tube: ECC86 or 6GM8 (Russian designation), tube designed to work
optimally with 12-24 Volts.
* A “Sensitive Potentiometer” input-gain potentiometer “P” Passive and “A” Active.
* A “Presence switch” 3 positions: 1-0-2
* A “D-T switch” route the sound between Direct output or Tube output.
* A “DI-XLR” symmetric Output signal plug with Ground switch.
* A “Lehle LTDI-L Transformer”.
* Power supply 100-240 Volt AC to 12 Volt DC 1 Amp.
* Reverse polarity protection.

- Technical data

* Weight: 450 g - Length: 12 cm
* Width: 9 cm
* Overall height: 7 cm
* Operating voltage range: 24V DC
* Power consumption: max. ~ 370 mA
* Frequency range: 20 Hz – 18 KHz
* Input impedance: 1 MOhm

Manuals could be download here