What's New: The (hi)story of my Homepage

2014-06-14/2011-11-02 Software Section for Android

2011-03-14 Software Section for iPhone

2005-01-01 Lisboa photo series

2003-11-03 Software Section for PalmOS

2003-06-23 Starting a new series: Mathematics (Logic & Number Problems, Algorithms)

2003-01-05 Beetebuerg am Schnei (a photo series)

2002-08-20 History and Mystery about the Knights Templar

2001-04-16 Cow-City-Guide of Luxembourg

2001-04-01 new design for my homepage, Humor Section extended: Back-to-What?

2001-01-18 Software Section for Psion put online

2000-09-14 Humor Section revisited: End-of-Web, Best-Viewed-With

2000-06-20 Start of a new photo-series: Paris - Roma (2000-07-05) - Balloons (2000-09-03) - Fouer (2000-09-04)

2000-01-23 Upgrade of the puzzle pages: quistels with hints and solution, new pictures for Rubik's and Wooden puzzles

2000-01-10 Added programs and redesign of my Software page

1999-12-24 Update and new Anagram quiz

1998-01-31 Photographs of Autumn

1997-09-06 Software Cookies, Photographs of Summer

1997-06-30 Computer Humor and Stories

1997-04-25 Photographs of Spring

1997-03-30 Fractal theory: a series of spiral bays

1997-03-27 Who am I

1997-03-18 The hacker test, Animated Traffic Signs

1997-02-17 Plasma Fractals

1996-12-28 and 1997-01-19 Series of Photographs of Winter Landscapes

1996-12-13 Puzzle Page and my Rubik's collection

1996-12-08 Anagrams (and quiz1)

1996-12-01 What's-new: this page (a self-referencing link ;-)

1996-11-30 Counter added on my homepage

1996-11-20 Color-cycling fractals (Animated Gifs) and Large (600x450) Images of Fractals

1996-11-03 First Picture-of-the-Month on my homepage

1996-10-20 Ascii Art and Smileys

1996-09-12 Random Dot Stereograms

1996-08-26 First part of my web-pages (Fractal Gallery) is uploaded to Visual Online


1996-08 translation of the original web-pages from french to english

1995-06 generation of my first stereograms

1994-09 my first web-pages on an intranet

1994-02 generation of my first fractal images with fractint 18.0

Created: 1996-12-01
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