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Lingo multilingual translator v2.6

Lingo is a freeware multilingual dictionary to translate single words between several languages.
Those languages which use a non-latin character set are provided with their own font for Lingo.

The program is dedicated to my friend Margaret.


Download the Program plus those language files you need.
Each language file allows translations to and from that language.
The original language files are based on the freeware program ERGANE.

Program:  version 2.6  12.09.2006
Language Files:
ARArabic  1302 words14.09.2004
BMBemba  2872 words27.11.2004
CACatalan  5874 words31.05.2004
CSCzech    541 words  6.11.2005
DADanish  5051 words31.05.2004
DEGerman21513 words20.01.2006
ELGreek  1975 words  6.03.2005
ENEnglish21663 words20.01.2006
EOEsperanto14198 words20.01.2006
ESSpanish11012 words  1.12.2005
FIFinnish  2047 words23.07.2004
FRFrench20435 words20.01.2006
GAIrish Gaelic  1001 words20.01.2006
ITItalian  8896 words28.02.2004
JAJapanese    828 words  1.03.2005
LALatin  2714 words30.01.2005
LBLuxembourgish  5794 words12.04.2004
NLDutch29331 words14.03.2004
NONorwegian  2011 words30.01.2005
PTPortuguese14068 words  6.03.2004
RURussian  2488 words17.02.2005
SVSwedish10203 words12.03.2004
SWSwahili    817 words  1.03.2005
TRTurkish  2019 words25.12.2006


Copy the application Lingo.prc and the desired language databases LingoXX.prc to internal memory of the handheld.


This package contains two java scripts
to extract a lingo language file to a text file, that can be edited,
and to construct a lingo language file from a (new or edited) text file.
At the moment, language files with a non-latin character set are not supported by the construction tool.

Phone Words

The idea for this program came when i received phone text messages (SMS) written with T9 and some words were replaced with wrong words using the same number keys, so that i had problems to understand the sense of the sentence. This program makes a list of all 'equivalents' of one word.
The program can also be used for another purpose: lets suppose your phone number is 723353, and you wonder which words could be formed with the letters on the corresponding keys; with the PhoneWords program, you type the digits and see all matching words.


Program and English language file: Download

Additional languages:
Phone Words uses the same language databases as the translation program Lingo (see the list above on this page).


Copy the application Phonwrds.prc and the desired language databases LingoXX.prc to internal memory of the handheld.
If language databases are already installed on the handheld because of Lingo, they can be used immediately with Phone Words and it is not necessary to reinstall them.

Country Flags v1.4

This application displays the pictures of the national country flags. It is possible to filter resultats by region (continent), or to look up all flags having a given pattern (horizontal or vertical stripes) or containing given colours. Writing a letter will cycle through the countries starting with that letter.


Version 1.4   15.09.2006
57K zipped, 243K on pda
supports colour and greyscale displays.

IBAN Bank Account Number Check

This application calculates the checksum digits for IBAN Numbers, thus it allows to check if a number is correct, or to generate the checksum digits if the rest of the account number is known.
29 countries are currently supported by the program.

Download (Iban.prc - 7k)

Hide Applications

My handheld has a number of ROM-based applications that i never use (for example Welcome), and that i thus wish to make disappear from the Application Launcher.
The application files cannot be deleted, but what is possible is to place a dummy program with same name, same creator ID, and with the system attribute 'hidden' to the handheld. This dummy program then masks the original program and becomes invisible.
After a soft-reset, the hidden programs would reappear again, therefore i added another small program HideApps, which will run each time after a reset and rehides the undesired applications.
At any moment, the dummy applications can be deleted (from the menu of the Application Launcher), then the original applications reappear.

Download contains:

Created on 3.11.3
Patrick Hahn