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When the game PIPOGRAM starts, the number 999 is pushed in the pipe; and another number, for example 123, is shown.
You will have to remember this number, and type in the number 999.
Then the current number (here 123) is pushed in the pipe, and a new number, for example 456, is shown.
Again, you will have to remember the present number (456) and repeat the previous number (123), and so on.
When you type a wrong number, the game is over.

Initially, the shown numbers have 3 digits. This can be changed: tap the button 'Digits', then a number 1 to 9.

Likewise, the level can be changed, by tapping the button 'Level' followed by a number. The initial level of the game is 1. A higher level corresponds to a larger depth of the pipe: more numbers (all 999 when the game starts) are pushed in the pipe and have to be remembered. After some exercise, playing at level 1 is rather easy, but higher levels are quite challenging.

Finally, the button '123*789' swaps the rows of the numbers 123 and 789 to either the standard position for calculators or for phones.

All settings, for digits, level, and keypad positions, are remembered and reused when the game is replayed later.

I had invented this game in 1981 for the HP41 calculator.
In 2001 I rewrote it for the EPOC Revo pocket computer.
In 2011 it became my first App.

Created on pi-day 2011
Patrick Hahn