Software cookies

Here are some bits of software that I wrote for PC; some are useful, some just for fun.
For each, there is a ZIP-file containing the executable(s), readme, and source-file.

LINUX (2K) LILO (only version 0.15) chain loader for a third harddisk

DOS (generally work also under Win9X, but not under WinNT) (2K) Millenium fix and timelimit crack:
without altering the internal system date, this program returns a different date
to DOS programs when they use the GET-DATE interrupt.
REDATE can map to a 1980-1989 frame, or return a given fixed date.
Helpful for legacy DOS-programs that are not Y2K ready.
Details (3K) Improved version of the echo command for DOS;
useful to launch games that require to enter some parameters.
Details (1K) blinkenlight with the LEDs for NumLock, CapsLock and ScrollLock.
It's a TSR, press both Shift-keys simultanously to disable. (7K) DOS program to switch on/off the first SCSI-harddisk,
based on ASPIxDOS library for Turbo Pascal, published in c't 12/1993.

Windows (10K) Opens a dialogbox that allows to pass parameters to a program before it is launched from Explorer.
Details (22K) Not for 95 !
Displays an icon that shows the percentage of used memory in the taskbar,
in the same way as the iconized Taskmanager does with CPU usage. (14K) As accented letters (ä, é...) cause trouble when mixing ASCII and ANSI editors,
or sorting and searching in databases, I tried with this program to get rid of the habit to use accents.
This keyboard-hook replaces any typed accented letter with its simple form.

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any_3.b is derived from any_d.b, included with Linux. As Linux is Copyrighted and under GNU General Public License, any_3.b falls under the same conditions.

xdisk uses ASPIXDOS library, published in c't 12/1993. Credits go to the authors Ulf Rohbeck and Georg Schnurer.

xrun, membar and antiax are based on SDK examples that came with MS Visual C.

The other programs (liti, xecho and redate) have been developped by me from scratch; they are not copyrighted!

#include <std-disclaimer>:

All programs are provided AS IS, without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. By downloading any of the routines, you agree these terms, even those that I forgot to mention.


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