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Software for Epoc (Psion)

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These are some useful programs that I wrote for myself in OPL for Revo.
I also tested them on the R5 Emulator, and, as far as I know from feedback
by oher users, they also run on other EPOC machines.
For each program, the ZIP-file contains a SIS installation file.


Lingo v2.3 (UPDATE: 2004-02-22)

Lingo is a freeware multilingual dictionary to translate single words
between languages. Twelve languages are included:
EN, FR, DE, PT, ES, IT, NL, SV, EL, AR, LB and EO (Esperanto).
More languages can be added. The language files are based on
ERGANE, a freeware dictionary program for Windows.

Readme       History       Screenshot

Download (1276k)    for Epoc5 (Series 5mx, Revo, Netbook)

Download (1135k)    for Epoc3 (Series 5)

(The original Series 5 does not support compressed language files;
therefore a special version with uncompressed languages is provided
for Series 5)

Separate language files (for 5mx, Revo, Netbook):
ARArabic  1302 words14.09.2004
BMBemba  2872 words27.11.2004
CACatalan  5588 words13.12.2003
CSCzech    541 words28.01.2004
DADanish  4996 words23.11.2003
DEGerman21513 words20.01.2006
ELGreek  1977 words28.06.2002
ENEnglish21663 words20.01.2006
EOEsperanto14198 words20.01.2006
ESSpanish11012 words  1.12.2005
FIFinnish  2047 words12.05.2003
FRFrench20435 words20.01.2006
GAIrish Gaelic  1001 words20.01.2006
HEHebrew    264 words  5.06.2002
HUHungarian  2757 words23.11.2003
ITItalian  8896 words13.02.2004
JAJapanese    828 words25.12.2005
LBLuxembourgish  5783 words13.02.2004
LTLatin  2713 words16.01.2005
NLDutch29339 words13.02.2004
NONorwegian  2024 words28.01.2004
PLPolish  8664 words17.03.2004
PTPortuguese14069 words13.02.2004
RURussian  2488 words18.01.2005
SVSwedish10203 words30.03.2004

Instructions for editing or creating language-files.


Matchpix v1.1

The classical Memory Game, where tiles of identical pictures must be matched.
Several sets of pictures are included.
The game maintains detailed statistics records about the best times and tries.

Readme       Screenshot       Download (87k)

Awari v1.0

A Count and Capture game, which has its origin in ancient Egypt.
Each player has a row of bins filled with counters, the aim is to distribute
and capture the opponent's counters.
In this game, the opponent is your Epoc machine.

Readme       Screenshot       Download (6k)

Memory Trainer v1.0

I invented this game in 1981 (on a HP41 calculator).
The program displays a series of numbers that the player must repeat.
This game is similar, but has a different rule as 'Simon':
here the player must push the numbers in a mental FIFO stack.
The program is intended to help me fight against my forgetfulness.

Readme       Screenshot       Download (4k)

Calculation Trainer v1.0

This is a math tutor.
The machine displays arithmetical problems (like 246-187=? or 142x23=?).
Type (+,-,x,:,all) and level (digits) can be chosen.

Readme       Screenshot       Download (3k)


Primfact v1.0

Enter a number between 2 and 999999999, and the machine will
tell whether it's prime or give its complete factorization.

Download (2k)

Ibancheq v1.0

Calculates or verifies the checkdigits for IBAN bank account
numbers of the 20 participating countries.

Screenshot       Download (2k)

Audio Player

Playback v1.0

This is sort of a substitute of the Record Application for Revo.
It allows to play soundfiles (alarms and others).
Using's UID, the program 'associates' itself with soundfiles.
Because it plays asynchronically, playback can be interrupted.
This program must ONLY be used with on REVO, not on other machines
like Series5, as it would conflict with Record.

Readme       Screenshot       Download (2k)


These are some websites for Epoc software, having evaluated
my program Lingo.

Tucows (4 cows)
PsionPlace (popular) (in Czech)

#include <std-disclaimer>;

The programs are plain vanilla freeware.
They are provided "as is" with the usual legal irresponsabilities.

Created on the last day of the second millenium.
Patrick Hahn