Examples of Barnsley

The book Fractals Everywhere of Dr. Barnsley is the source of several types of fractals adopted by Fractint.

Barnsley introduced the theory of Iterated function systems (IFS): with a small set of affine transformations it is possible to generate every type of self-similar fractals. The most frequent examples in the book are ferns and Sierpinski triangles.
Based on IFS, Barnsley has a patent for an algorithm that compresses every picture to FIF: fractal image format.

Fractint allows to generate some types of fern fractals; but the examples below have nothing to do with IFS, they are just variations of the classical function f(z)=z2+c for the Mandelbrot set.

Details of the set M1 of Barnsley (fractint-type 'barnsleym1'):

(with Fractint 19.5 the image is less symetric than with Fractint 18.2 !)

Fractint's color-cycling shows the 'geyser-effect'.

Detail of 'barnsleyj2':

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