These are my favorite smileys selected from the canonical list of smileys by James Marshall. I only added one national comic hero smiley.

Variations of the basic smiley

:)      midget smiley
)       the Cheshire cat smiley

B-)     smiley with sunglasses
%-(     broken glasses

:-D     laughing (at you)

:-o     oh! (surprised)
#:-O    oh!! (shocked)

:-|     disgusted, or playing harmonica

*:o)    clown

O :-)   angel

C=:-)   chef

-=#:-)  wizzard

P-)     pirate

- -:-(  punk rocker (real punk rockers don't smile)

>:-EI   vampire

:-~i    smoking
:-?     smoking pipe
:/i     no smoking!

:-}>    having long beard

[:-)    wearing walkman

d:-)    wearing Baseball cap
d :-)   hats off to your great idea!

;-)}<\\\\>      wearing necktie

*|:^)(.)(...)   snowman

~:o     baby
oO:)&   grandmother

~~:-(   net.flame

Famous persons

=|:-)=          Abraham Lincoln

4:-)            George Washington

5:-)            Elvis Presley

7:-)            Ronald Reagan

(=(:->*         Uncle SAM

C|:-=)X         Charly Chaplin

*<|B-3D>        Santa Claus

~:n)            Schrobiltgen

=<:o)           Bert from Sesame Street

8)              Kermit

Bixie smileys (sideways, not turned by 90 degrees)

(-_-)   basic smiley

<@_@>   another bixie smiley

(=_=)   sleeping

*^_^*   cute little girl

"._."   yas

Other sideways objects

@-->--  a rose

..|._   the opposite of a rose

>-^);>  fish

pq´     animal

\@__    snail

6\/)    elephant

o.)-e   pig

/\o/\   spider

<:3 )~~~        mouse

^^^^^U^^^U^=___ alligator

<o==o)          a car

oo---oo-Bo      a truck

hTd             chairs and table

__/\o_          a swimmer

@*&$%!          you know what that means!

2B|^2B          message from Shakespeare

_\|/_           sunset

_/^\/^\_        mountains

~Y~ `Y' ^Y^     trees

_/^\/^\_~Y~_^Y^__\|/__`Y'_`Y'_/^\/^\_  sunset in the mountains

One-line symbols from the canonical "spying at the wall" dictionary

___m_oo_m___    the classical spying at the wall

___m_+o+_m___   clown spying at the wall

___m_(OnO)_m___ with glasses ...

___^..^___      cat ...

___m_.(%)._m___ pig ...

___,___         ant ...

___o-n___       key forgotten after ...


Smileys were invented about 1980 by Scott Fahlmann.

In the elder days, standard abbreviations were used to express a feeling, like

G       grin
LOL     laughing out loud
ROTF    rolling on the floor
HHOS    ha ha only serious.

Since then, an enormous amount of different smileys has been produced (mostly for fun, only a handful of them is really used in mail, and in fact, they should be used in small amounts: a message with more than one smiley per paragraph becomes annoying to read)

There is a canonical list of smileys, maintained currently by James Marshall, which holds 1367 entries at 1996-05-30. It was located at the Scarecrow's site and is no longer online.

1996-10-19, Patrick Hahn (